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biosafety protocol
against Covid-19

1. Introduction

This manual details the measures and protocols that Hotel Boutique On has implemented in all its areas of operation, so that your stay with us is safe.

For the elaboration of our protocols we have framed ourselves in the local and national regulation approved and disseminated by the competent authorities such as the Ministry of Health and the Vice Ministry of Tourism of Bolivia, recommendations of the World Health Organization and safety standards accepted at the national level. international.

We are committed to the health and safety of all those who enter our facilities, which is why we have adapted to the current context, adopting effective measures to minimize the possibility of contagion.

We abide by daily controls and monitoring to ensure compliance with this manual, not only by our collaborators but also by guests, visitors and suppliers.


All the efforts of the Hotel Boutique On team are aimed at providing you with

our best service, guaranteeing a safe experience and stay.


2. Measures for the prevention of COVID-19

2.1. Information for our guests and clients

All information regarding the Prevention and Response Protocols is publicly available both digitally and physically in all our facilities and our staff is trained to respond to all your questions and concerns.

2.2 Disinfection products

All our hygiene and cleaning processes have been improved, carrying out a deep disinfection of all environments and surfaces.

For this, we use disinfectant products approved and recommended by the Bolivian Ministry of Health, the World Health Organization WHO and companies specialized in safety and hygiene. These products include sodium hypochlorite, soap solutions, and 70% alcohol-based substances.

We verify that the use of disinfectant agents is in harmony with the material of each element and taking care of the level of exposure or contact with people.

2.3 Important processes

a) Hand washing

It is the most important process for virus prevention, which is why we promote this practice for both our staff and visitors.

The recommendation is to carry out this wash on a recurring basis, especially at certain times when contact with the virus is more frequent:

  • When leaving public transport.

  • When receiving or delivering coins or bills.

  • After using door handles.

  • Before and after using the bathroom.

  • Before and after using the cell phone.

  • Before and after using equipment such as common phones, keyboards, printers, and other equipment.

  • Before and after eating.

b) Use of mask and protective equipment

The use of a mask is mandatory in all public and internal areas of the establishment. This includes guests, customers, visitors, staff and vendors.

The correct way to use it is by placing it over the nose and mouth, leaving no space between the face. It should not be touched while the mask is on the face.

Our  personal  bill  with  team  from  protection  in agreement  to  the  activities  Y  functions  specific  that  play  (chinstraps,  gloves, protective masks, safety glasses).

c) Social distancing

The recommended distance that should be sought to keep between all people within the establishment is 1.5 meters as  minimum.

In areas where waiting lines may be generated (such as reception, restaurant/bar checkouts), the waiting space that considers the minimum distance is marked.

d) Temperature measurement

The temperature measurement of all people who enter the establishment, whether they are guests, clients or staff, will be carried out.

Body temperature should not be higher than 37.5 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the person will be taken to the environment designated for provisional isolation so that the protocol established by the Ministry of Health can be initiated and can be referred to the corresponding medical center.

e) Footwear disinfection

All entrances to the establishment have a mandatory disinfection mat for footwear, whose content will be constantly renewed according to its use.

Both guests, workers and visitors must soak the soles of their shoes in these mats for 10 seconds.

f) Baggage

The luggage storage service will only be for belongings of the guests of the establishment.

Each suitcase and piece of luggage will be disinfected at the entrance of the guests. This will also disinfect personal items such as wallets, backpacks, bags, etc.

g) Sanitizer

Alcohol gel or sanitizer is provided at the entrance of all people.

We have implemented prominently located hand sanitizer stations throughout all areas of the facility.

  h) Constant cleaning and disinfection

We have increased the frequency and deepened the procedures to guarantee the highest standards of cleanliness, hygiene and safety.

These procedures follow a daily schedule that is rigorously executed considering the levels of circulation and contact of each environment and surface. 

i) Control and monitoring

We have a designated team to carry out daily records and controls in all work areas, to ensure the correct and effective implementation of the measures that have been defined.

In addition, our COVID-19 risk management plan is continuously monitored to make adjustments and updates to improve virus prevention measures.

j) Culture of prevention and good practices

All our staff is specifically trained on COVID-19, promoting a culture of prevention of contagion outside and inside the establishment (before, during and after the work they perform in our facilities).

We have developed an internal communication system to inform and update our team on safety and personal hygiene measures, establishment protocols and national regulations.


2.4. Services

to. Reception

  • We have attention 24 hours a day

  • Protection screens have been installed at the counter and signage on the floor to maintain social distance between receptionists and customers.

  • Disinfection and cleaning of equipment and material is carried out at each shift change (counter, computers, stationery, etc.)

  • We promote communication by phone or online (whatsapp, email) to avoid physical contact.

  • CHECK IN: The guest will be asked for all the information and reservation data via online with the intention of avoiding or minimizing physical contact at the time of check in.

  • The keys to enter the rooms will be collected for subsequent disinfection at the end of each guest's stay.

  • CHECK OUT: If the guest requests it, the invoice will be processed in advance, in the same way we provide payment methods that avoid contact and use of cash: transfers  banking, credit card payment, online payments.

b. Bedrooms

  • At check-in, the frequency of room cleaning that the guest wishes to minimize contact will be asked, which can be daily, every 2 days or every 3 days or only upon departure.

  • Cleaning will be done in the absence of the guest.

  • Cleaning and disinfection follows a rigorous protocol in which meticulous care is taken of all surfaces, with special attention to elements of frequent contact: television remote control, door handles, etc.

  • The use of removable rugs or rugs will be dispensed with.

  • Bed linen and towels will be transported in specific containers for later washing in our own facilities at a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

c. Breakfast, Restaurant and Bar

  • We implement enhanced food safety and hygiene protocols for all food and beverage services.

  • The capacity capacity is reduced to 50% according to national regulations.

  • We have designed the distribution of tables in all our spaces to guarantee the distance between diners and staff.

  • The assembly of tables is done only when the client is seated. This will facilitate disinfection and reduce the handling of cutlery, napkins, salt shakers, oil cans, etc.

  • We start with a la carte breakfast service in the cafeteria for guests or in their room if they wish.

  • Menus are provided digitally through QR codes.

  • Due to the decrease in capacities, it is advisable to make reservations that will be attended according to availability.

  • As in the other areas, cleaning and disinfection is carried out constantly; tables and chairs are disinfected after each service.

  • Table linen, cutlery and crockery is washed correctly and thoroughly.

d. cellar, events

  • The maximum capacity of the environments is limited to guarantee social distancing.

  • The use of masks is mandatory in all these areas

  • There are sanitizer dispensers in all spaces.

  • Deep cleaning and disinfection is carried out after each service.

and. Sauna, massage room and terrace

General measures

  • The use of a mask is mandatory from the entrance to the facility, until the time of use of the sauna and outdoors.

  • During bath time, the user will deposit their mask with the rest of their belongings, being obliged to put it on once their session ends.

  • In the massage room, the use of a mask is mandatory at all times.

  • Guests must wear appropriate footwear in the sauna and massage areas, such as sandals or slippers; not so street shoes.

  • In all areas, the minimum social distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained with other people.

  • All sites will be provided with alcohol gel, alcohol or liquid soap.

  • All spaces will be routinely cleaned and disinfected based on frequency and use.

Hours and service requirements

  • Name of the SPA ON area is open from 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM.

  • Sauna services are enabled at the request of each guest with a 45-minute wait before use. Dwell time  recommended is 15 to 25 continuous minutes maximum.

  • Massages have an additional cost per hour and must be requested 4 hours in advance.

*Note: The authorization of this space will be subject to current regulations, issued by local and national authorities.

  F.  Public areas

  • Social distancing must be maintained in all public areas including entrances/streets, entrance, restrooms, etc.

  • The bathrooms for common use have paper dispensers or hand dryers and bins. The collection of bins from common use areas will be carried out in safe conditions, so that the bags are closed and transferred to the waste collection point.

  • There will be a constant replacement of materials such as soap, paper towels, alcohol gel, etc. in addition to a constant cleaning of the dispensers considering the level of use of the same.

3.  Emergency plan in case of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case

  • In case of identifying a person with suspicious symptoms of covid-19 (whether a guest or staff of the establishment), they will be isolated to prevent contamination of environments.

  • Access to affected areas is restricted until disinfection has been carried out, once the guest or employee has left the establishment.

  • The Bolivian Ministry of Health or the Departmental Health Service (SEDES) will be notified of the situation to activate the protocol in accordance with current national regulations.

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